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Chic Affordable Wardrobe Basics You Should Have

Fashion is a capricious continuously evolving world, and hence, it can be quite difficult to keep up with the trends while on a tight budget. That doesn’t mean we cannot try! However, to avoid getting exhausted in chasing after the latest trends, the best thing is to maintain nice wardrobe essentials while freeing up the money it would take to maintain an entire wardrobe trend to spending it on the trends that you need and want as well without going broke in the process. Wardrobe stables are great as they tend to be versatile and can be paired up with new trending fashion and still retain a street, chic, timeless and/or classic feel depending on the style of the outfits. They survive short-lived trends and can be transformed with a little creativity or adjustment, accessories or a trendy statement piece. Here are some chic affordable basics to start you off:

White T-Shirt

A soft white t-shirt can be paired with a wide variety of pieces such as jeans, skirts, chinos, pants and others. It can also be upgraded using necklaces and by putting on a stylish jacket such as a leather jacket, jeans jacket or blazer.

Skinny Jeans

For women, these are a must have as they can be professional as well as casual and look fancy or understated. Paired with all types of shoes and accessories, these jeans are the epitome of “chic versatility.”

Cross-Body Bag

This is great when you don’t want to carry a backpack or handbag but still, need something roomier than a clutch or purse.

Pencil Skirt

For both men and women, a leather jacket is a great wardrobe staple that can be worn for numerous occasions and last longer than the trending jackets.


For women, black or nude heels, statement heels, boots, sandals and a pair of black flats should be in the ‘basic shoe wear’ list. On the other hand, men should have boots, black and brown leather shoes, sandals and loafers or sneakers as basics.


Besides the aforementioned pencil skirt, skinny jeans and t-shirt, other basic clothing items for women include a work blouse, work blazer, sweaters especially black, beige and colored, undershirts and a trench coat. Men, on the other hand, should invest in basic clothes such as dark jeans, white t-shirt, cotton shirt, a suit, a solid color tie and dark t-shirts as well.


These should have at least a pearl necklace, leather cinching belt, statement pieces such as bright scarves, tights, basic handbag, and gold/silver studs and necklace. For men, a tie pin, silver or gold cufflinks, a good leather bag, and a watch are great basics.


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